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Based on the values  of simple recipes, distinctive flavours and wholesome goodness that my grandmother and mother passed down to me,   Verdant Way was started 2021 as a small booth at at a local  Farmer's Market.   For many years I have been making my own handcrafted jams, jellies and salsas for my family as taught to me by my mother and grandmother.   During the pandemic,  I lost my job as an Autism Therapist  and started to look for alternate sources of income to support my family.  One day when taking to my family about it, my daughter suggested that I look into maybe selling some of my jams and salsas outside the home at Farmer's Markets.  What began as a tiny venture at a Farmer's Market has blossomed in a wonderful local family business serving the greater Calgary area and southern Alberta.   We are passionate about Verdant Wayand we so excited to be able to bring to you our grandmother's legacy of crafting all natural jams and jellies and salsas. 


Verdant Way lovingly handcrafts high quality jams, jellies and salsas the the old-fashioned way, by hand and using  pure, all natural and organic ingredients.  Our products are created using locally sourced ingredients from our own backyard, organic farms in southern Alberta and southern BC, and  we take time preparing our small handmade batches of jams, jellies, marmalades, and salsas by slowly cooking each batch to fully extract the deilcious flavours and jewel-like hues real fruit has to offer.  Our products are gluten-free and do not contain any artificial flavours, preservatives, chemicals or dyes - only the the exceptional goodness of pure all natural ingredients.


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